Custom Shoe Rack

Recently, I decided that I had enough with the pile of shoes that were overwhelming the main closet floor. After doing some shopping around to see if I could find a quick shoe rack solution, I came to the conclusion that my best option was a custom design and build to meat my family’s shoe needs. So, with that, I grabbed my legal pad, pencil and measuring tape and started jotting down some maximum dimensions where I would like my new shoe rack to be! Now when creating a custom design, I would recommend evaluating the building materials and costs. For my shoe rack, I wanted something that was a bit on the heavy side to ensure stability and I needed it to be more rugged than pretty, so I chose to built it out of a few 2x4s from the local Home Depot. In designing this shoe rack, it was important for me to have one that was fully adjustable so that I could adjust each rack to maximize shoe storage while being removable. With that, I set out for the local Home Depot where I picked up a couple of Closet Maid’s 60” Self-Tracks, 7 Closet Maid 3-foot vented wire shoe shelves, a pint of cheap cream-colored paint from the discounted paint shelf and 4 92” 2X4s.
Well, whether you are at Home Depot, Lowes, Ace or another building supply store that mixes paint; you might be able to find some pre-mixed colors that you like. In my case I found a pint of a cream color for $2.00. To finish it off my little project, I used some old carpeting and clued it to the bottom of the base so that it wouldn’t scratch up the hard wood floor.
As you can see from the picture of my shoe rack, it isn’t some grand thing which is deserving of the front cover on Better Homes and Garden’s or even one of their articles. But it fits my family’s needs and is custom enough to evolve to accommodate families shoes storage needs. Make your’s functional and safe before you make it fancy.  Remember that when Car Manufactures make vehicles, they start with prototypes to start with and when they are done they have vehicles that last years of service to meet the needs of their customers.

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